Bend Over, Let Me In

Image: Maybe by Molly Moore, used with kind permission

Bend Over, Let Me In

Bend over, let me in.

Let me caress your juicy flesh,

sink my face in between.

Bend over,

let me muffle my thoughts and screams into your delicious holes

devouring every morsel,

eating you up from the inside out.

Let me lose myself inside your eager body.

Ah, let me open you up, slip, slide, push…

retreat then push again.

Lapping at your secret places,

skewering with tongue and fingers and all I have.

Drip on me.

Pour on me.

Drown me.

Bend over, let me in.

Written for Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday

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5 thoughts on “Bend Over, Let Me In

  1. I loved that! It has a rhythm to it that gave it the feel of song lyrics.

    Thank you for creating and sharing.


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