Awkward Spaces

Awkward Spaces – a Sinful Sunday post

Why, hello!

I have the honour of choosing my three favourite Sinful Sunday images this week – so will be having a very lovely Sunday evening and Monday morning looking through all the posts!

Here’s mine – it feels all awkward and odd – when I was editing it, it stopped being a torso and morphed into a series of strange disconnected shapes, like sausages oozing out a sausage maker and other (very sexy…) things.

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22 thoughts on “Awkward Spaces

  1. So beautiful and that little flare of light top left gives a lovely detail. Your ‘sausages’ look good enough to eat… πŸ™‚

    Actually, I often have to play with confined spaces when I do #gymlockerpics every Saturday. Forces you to think about angles and composition (not to mention lighting). Lighting here is *wonderful* the tones in your legs from the shadow and top/backlighting just ‘describe’ the shape of your body wonderfully. It’s a really gorgeous shot.

  2. LSB said, “I want your body”. Er, I’d have to concur, on that one. (I’m sure we both mean the same thing.)

    This is an absolutely stunning picture, beautifully lit, subtle yet clear, of an absolutely beautiful woman.

    Fantastic photo!

  3. For me fitting into small or awkward spaces or taking photos in spaces that feel a bit uncomfortable often make for great pictures – I see the same is true for you! You certainly look cosy, and the rays of light shining across the right side of your body are glorious.

  4. Perhaps an awkward space, but I find there’s an elegance to the structure of your pose, and I think the black and white is great. Very nice!! πŸ™‚ x

  5. Well I don’t see anything awkward or sausagy here. I see a beautiful woman in a striking pose. This is utterly stunning!

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