Animated Erotica – it’s Hot AF

Animated Erotica – it’s Hot AF

Holy fuckin shit, I haven’t been this excited since I won the EuphOff!

So we writers, especially erotica writers, are so passionate about our work – we hone and craft, tear it up and rebuild, try our best to find different words for cock or cunt – when sometimes only a cock or cunt will do…

Then we let it fly into the world, hoping that someone, somewhere will feel moved by the beauty we spill from our souls…


One of my stories touched two lovely YouTube creators and they made it into Animated Erotica!

Hold on to your hearts and minds and prepare to be moved beyond any moveable thing you’ve moved before…

Seriously though, this must have taken AGES to make! I’m so impressed and still wheezing.

Thank you Jack and Jay for brightening up my day 😀 I’m deeply honoured that you chose my story to adorn with your skillz x x x

You can read the original story over at Cosmo.

Fancy listening to some Spanking in the Woods? Go check it out – my story newly recorded by Leo DeLuca for Girl on the Net’s Audio Porn project…

Thanks again for stopping by, I’m off to write some more sex words x x x

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