14 thoughts on “All tied up in Art

  1. Is that yours? It's gorgeous! Magic. I went to the Mucha museum when I was in Prague, I was blown away by it. One of my fabourite artists.

    1. Wow thanks Jo – it's me and Mucha tied up a tree… K-I-S-SI… well you get the picture. I love his work. Love love. I have them all over my bedroom and even have a velvet kimono with one of his images on it. I must go to Prague! x x

  2. It's really well done!

    You have to go, have to have to. The museum, the Municipal House… ohhhh. So amazing. Left me very underwhelmed with my own city, though, is the only problem.

  3. You slayed me, soul sister! That is gorgeous, love how you mixed yourself in with a favorite artist, genius! Your artistic mind never ceases to amaze me!


  4. This is absolutely fabulous! I love the perfect alignment, the light, the graceful shape of your fingers. (And Mucha, of course, always makes me happy).

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