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Hello friends! I’m an ADHD filmmaker as well now 😀 if you follow my socials, you might have seen that my debut short film Inevitable is being shown at Nightpiece Film Festival this Saturday at Edinburgh Fringe. It premiered on Sunday night at the Fabulous FannyRiot’s Grrrlz Nite in at the Dream Machine Scotland and what a wonderful bunch of people Fanny riot include. Please follow them and their amazing projects which include safe spaces at festivals and education on sex and consent.

Inevitable is a horror film about being lost and the fear of dragging others into your realm of misery… you KNOW you wanna see it!

It’s not erotic but you’ve got literally every other thing I’ve made in here to quench that particular thirst 😉

Here’s the trailer

My directing name is One Of The Mees.

“I have a secret.
I am mad.
Not crazy or bonkers or daft, just mad. I keep it hidden, but I assure you, I have the darkness.
The worst part is, I’ve passed it on.”
A mother is haunted by the guilt of her son inheriting her mental health issues. She tries to entice him to a remote glen for a hike hoping that being immersed in nature will help him heal.
Deeply depressed, he refuses and she goes alone with their dog.
But the glen has its own Demons. Lost and afraid, she gets tangled up in thick moss, trapped like prey. She tries to warn her son not to come. But is it too late?
Has her role in his doom always been inevitable?
As an ADHD filmmaker this is an Own Voices project and explores the fears of motherhood and the weight of passing on psychological problem

Come see Inevitable at Nightpiece Film Festival! Sat 26th Aug at 10:40pm

Follow me on my OneoftheMees TikTok for behind the scenes making of Inevitable and lots of chat on being an ADHD filmmaker and ADHD creative in general.

Don’t worry, there are more sexy books in the pipeline! In fact, here’s a bit of chat and wee sneak preview of an upcoming audio of Mia’s Books…

And if that’s not sexy enough for ya, here’s my most recent very hot tale over at Folicme featuring three ladies having a raunchy time in their Pantyhose

Lots of love and thanks for stopping by

your pal, Tabs x xx aka OneoftheMees

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