A Study in Black

*Blog update*
I’m so excited to say that this piece was chosen by Molly in the Sinful Sunday round up! Click here to see the other images – they’re simply stunning, chuffed to bits to be included x x x

So because June’s Sinful Sunday prompt is all about colour
my contrary brain has been dwelling on black.
I have been fascinated by black since my art teacher
informed us that there
was no such thing as true black in nature

I think there is…
The infinitesimal line between pleasure and pain
Hope and despair
Joy and devastation
To me that is true black
Orgasm black
Black with Red
I read recently that scientists have created a black so
black that your brain cannot make sense of it. 
I think – yes – that’s exactly
it – there is no making sense of true black. 
And that’s why I love it so.

I’m afraid my internet connection will not let me upload the original image – sans filters – I prefer the
blackened tinted filter version by far anyway… (if I can upload later, I will)

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Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “A Study in Black

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I too love black, it's the security of the womb, and sleep and safety. It's been my friend for a long time.

    1. Thank you Kazi – I did struggle a bit trying to pull myself into colour but then thought, ach just go with the black 😀

  2. I LOVE this picture. I never thought of 'orgasm black' before but you are so right about that


    1. Thank you Molly – I love Orgasm Black – I think I might start a paint naming company – care to join? I wonder what juicy colours we could come up with 😉 x x

  3. I adore your description of black and where it's found in nature. Also, of course, I love the image. Your drawings are always insightful and inspiring and totally gorgeous.

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