A Bit Fucked

A Bit Fucked

Well hello, if you follow my social media, you might know I’ve recently been in a motorcycle accident (not my fault) and am a bit fucked.

I wanted to blog and let you know but my typing and concentration skills have hit a new low. Then I felt like taking a photo and decided to do Sinful Sunday. The monthly prompt is Extreme Angles which is exactly what my arm was at after the crash… ew I know, sorry.

Anyway, this isn’t a pity party, I’m having to adjust my goals and plans though. Like my RideOn RideOn tour is now cancelled – I was going to tour the UK on my bike to promote the new Ruby Glow Blush which had a sneak preview in ETO recently.

And, being freelance, I can’t work right now. This is the longest bit of typing I’ve done! So if you haven’t read any of my books yet, please support yer auld pal, T by treating yourself to any of these, or my audio books, or even a ride on Ruby Glow.

The worst part at the moment is that my fanny left an imprint in the tank, my bestie now calls me TankFud – so whilst praise goes to the lord for avoiding a broken pelvis, my libido is gone and i cannae orgasm… like i said, I’m a bit fucked…

Let me end on a positive, I love this photo and am so glad we have a space to share – thank you Molly and Sinful Sundayers! I will try my best to get round them all.

Lots of love,

Tabitha x x x

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10 thoughts on “A Bit Fucked

  1. Oh Tabitha… I did see your post on social media. I am sooo glad you are mostly OK. it must have been so scary. You do look, as always, very sexy and I hope the numb fanny passes and you can enjoy feeling the feeling again soon


  2. Oh be honest Tab, you just tried to shag your motorcycle didn’t you? 😀
    Great photos, I got one of your stories to read on my iPad! <3

  3. I’m glad that you’re all in one piece, albeit slightly bent out of shape. You look as gorgeous as ever.

    Please be kind to yourself, the physical and (probably more importantly) mental bruises take time to heal so allow yourself that time.

    I’d have been tempted to frame the fanny imprinted fuel tank on the wall but actually, as impressive as that is, maybe it hurts too much to see it right now.

  4. Oh Tabitha … I missed this in August (my excuse is I was away with little wi-fi and then so busy on my return) … so have only just seen it now.
    So glad you are at least safe … and hoping things have/are/will improve and have you back to your Glowing best.
    The photo is so, so lovely … even with your cast !!!
    Best, best wishes and kisses – K

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