#30DayOrgasmFun – Masturbation for a Mental Health Boost

Masturbation for a Mental Health Boost

#30DayOrgasmFun starting with Masturbation Monday

So some followers of this blog may have sussed out that I sometimes struggle with my mental health – sadly, it seems to me that a lot of creative brains seem to be the same. The more people I meet with a creative edge, the more I hear that they too suffer the darkness at times.

I’ve been wondering about self-care. Through my life I have been given or taken part in various therapies and treatments, talking mostly. Telling my friends helps (though I shy away from that as I don’t want to be on their watch list – which might drop me from ‘friend’ to ‘someone we look out for’).

Mainly, I’ve been told that diet and exercise is key. Now this is already an issue as food and body image have always been tools I use to punish myself when I’m low. I’ll eat crap and not do any physical activity, thus beginning the downward spiral of feeling even worse about myself. Creativity will slow and my libido goes out the window.It's all in your head - Tabitha Rayne

Turning away from my lover, making excuses, pretending I’ve got my period, stressed, whatever, whatever. And you can forget about masturbation. Doesn’t even enter the realm of possibility when I’m ‘fending off the daggers’ of my own mind.

So – why am I telling you all this? After all, this is an erotica blog and this might all be a bit TMI. I always think of this as a safe place for my readers – a place where you can come to forget all about your daily woes, or politics, or just have a break from the general mundanity of matching up another pile of socks, or trying your best to scrub yesterday’s Wheetabix off a bowl. Therefore, I’ve always been reluctant to post snippets into my own struggles, preferring to let it out through my fiction.

But over the past few days/ weeks, I’ve been feeling myself getting down. And so I’ve been reaching for the crisps, cutting out the veggies, keeping myself indoors and being furious at myself about it.

After turning away from my lover again for the fourth night running, I began to think about the fact that in all my years of having mental health struggles, nobody has ever once suggested orgasm as a way to lift my spirits. (Apart from my lover, who gladly would come to my aid if I told him of this prescription!) I always bang on about the power of the mighty orgasm to help unify mind, body and soul – that post-climax blissed out haze is a wonderful place indeed…

But no-one has said, “I suggest you masturbate every day to orgasm and see if that lifts your mood”.

I can generally tell if I’m going into a dark spell, as my sex drive is one of the first things to go so today I am going to start an experiment. I would be delighted if you would join in and let me know your experiences.

Ecstacy by Tabitha Rayne paintingI’m going to have 30 days of orgasms (self-administered or with the joy of my lover) but I have decided to see if this will have an effect on my overall mood and mental health.

I don’t expect it to be easy, I’m quite sure I’ll try my best to sabotage it for myself, I’m quite good at that, but now I’ve put it out on this blog, I will have that added pressure of not wanting to let you down.

Will you share your experiences? Will you join in?

I’m not sure how I’ll record it – Twitter is always good for doing stuff and checking in – how about #30DayOrgasmFun find me @TabithaErotica

I’m saying ‘fun’ not ‘challenge’.

I might not report in at all until the end, I’m not putting pressure on myself that way – but I *will* let you know how it goes, even if I only do it once. But I will try. I will be seeking out sexy stories and pictures to get me going too.

Thanks for reading this long post. D


*Update – if you fancy taking part and write a post about it, I can make a list here with links to your blog! Simply use this image if you like and link back to this post – send me your link [email protected] or in comments and I’ll add it x x x*

Life of Elliot is joining in!

*Tabitha’s 30 day orgasm fun update*

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I guess I’d better go crack open the Chemical Sex book (that is always a great place to start)  And of course, there will be plenty of goodies on Masturbation Monday to get the juices flowing – go check out the other posts for sexy inspiration. If you’ve never been here before, welcome! Please note, some of my writing, art and links I share will take you to places NSFW 😉

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I do recommend wooing yourself with a good sexy book!

X x x

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26 thoughts on “#30DayOrgasmFun – Masturbation for a Mental Health Boost

  1. Brilliant idea and I’m up for it. I have always been an every day lass but the last few months have taken their toll. I know that coming is good for me. This will nudge me to do it.

  2. I think this is a great idea. I did something similar myself on Fetlife in May 2013 because I hadn’t explored orgasms at all in my life experience and wanted to see how it felt to connect to that part of me. I wrote a post every day about my orgasms and I loved it. Unfortunately my husband didn’t but that is another story.

    I would love to join in with you on this. Where do I sign up? ?

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Eye, I guess it can be difficult to grow together at times… especially something as personal as our own sexuality/sensuality. Maybe I should do a linky list thing for people to join in , or simply have a place to share their own experience. I’ll work it out and let you know x

  3. Actually, you’ve made me tear up reading this. I’m struggling too, my twitter rants have been my way of dealing with it but I feel bad ranting. I’m supposed to be a positive person but I’ve been a real misery recently, tears and panic attacks aren’t good for me!

    I think your idea is superb. Whilst I find it difficult to masturbate whilst my partner is around, I think I will find a way of creating a bit of me time each day.

    1. It’s so tough to find time to give yourself self-care – especially orgasm time – can feel frivolous and ‘undeserved’ – (for me anyway) – let’s try and boost each other – you do deserve it! And I think if you tell your partner, they’ll be very supportive.

  4. I’ve been falling deep into my own awful headspace so I can completely empathize. I love this idea, and I really hope it helps. I have heard that masturbation can help anxiety but I never get out of my own head long enough to try it for myself. ((((HUGS)))) Love you!!!

    1. Why are our headspaces to awful at times? It amazes me how many of us go through this. Thank you for being so open with your struggles, it really helps folks like me to know we’re not alone x x xx love you too!

  5. It sucks that you are struggling, my friend. But so brave of you to share and make a plan. Reading your post, I’m realizing how little time I’ve spent masturbating lately. In spite of all the shiny new toys from Eroticon. Also, my house is a mess and I’ve been skipping exercise and eating badly. All signs that I need to shake things up and reconnect my circuits. Your project sounds like a really good place to start. Thank you for getting the ball rolling! I’ll keep track of daily progress and report in a post at the end. Xoxoxo

    1. I hope it helped! I’ve been amazed, now that it’s over, how quickly I’ve slipped back into my old ways… masturbation has quietly diminished. We need a another challenge! x x x

  6. What a fantastic challenge I look so forward to following it. Great blogging and raising awareness

  7. I can say from personal experience and a mental health sufferer that YES having daily orgasms does lift ones spirits. There was a time when I wondered if I didn’t become addicted to the feeling. The high that i got after masturbating, having my orgasms. I try to continue this daily, my “me time” besides sometimes i need it, there are days when i’m ok and don’t need that emotionally darkness lifted. Best Wishes and good luck with your challenge. Have fun to all those participating 🙂

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment – sorry it has taken so long for me to reply! I am so pleased you keep masturbation in your daily routine – I used to do it every day without even thinking about it, in recent years it seems to have gone without me thinking about it…
      hooray for good mental health! x x

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