The Business of Sex #ShowStigmaTheFinger

#ShowStigmaTheFinger with Hot Octopuss

This post contains affiliate links for the new DiGit finger vibrator from Hot Octopuss. (I’m hoping to get one to review soon so stay tuned!)

The Business of Sex

Any independent company or small business trading in the sex/pleasure industry has my absolute respect. It takes real nerves of steel to keep forging on despite the very regular hurdles you simply didn’t think of when starting up.

When I first started Ruby Glow I naively went to my bank and asked to open a business account. All fine until…

Da da dahhhhhh

They asked what my business involved. I said I write erotica and design sex toys.

I am in the business of sex.

That will be a no then. GOOD DAY they said. I was left reeling. I only wanted to bring pleasure to the world! WTF?

It made me feel like a criminal.

Time and time again I was rejected by financial services, banks, insurers, website platforms, payment platforms you name it, they’ve had a problem with my brand being involved in sexual pleasure.

It seems you can use sex to sell anything apart from Sex itself! So I’m showing the finger in solidarity with my fellow sex industry folks. Our businesses are positive, worthwhile and enhance our human experience!

I’m joining the #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign run by Hot Octopuss – a super lovely sex toy brand who are doing great things to make their sex toys as inclusive as possible and aim to make eradicate any sort of sexual stigma.

This newest hashtag was started because while trying to launch a campaign highlighting the sexual stigma and oppression some women have faced, the adverts were banned in NYC.

Go here to read the stories from the women involved in the campaign. Every sale of the new DiGit finger vibrator will raise funds for different causes the participants represent.

So it would be great for everyone if we really could #ShowStigmaTheFinger

Share your stories too!

Read one of my first posts talking about the Spectre of censorship.

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