Discontented but Still in the Pink

Discontented but Still in the Pink

Happy 1st of September! I’m discontented (as usual) but in a very good way!

The Sinful Sunday prompt is ‘pink’ – the sofa is pink but I went for black and white so the title is important.

I am in the pink because I’m feeling great! And I bought a little motorbike – I guess it’s a big scooter – one or the other – I knew it would be my gateway bike and I’d want to get a bigger one but I didn’t realise it would be two days after I bought the first one!

So I am discontented but overjoyed that I finally have a set of two wheels 😉

Kiss those lips to see who else is in the pink this Sunday!

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16 thoughts on “Discontented but Still in the Pink

  1. This is so arty – just love u sitting there naked with the helmet on – excellent and so glad u feeling better 😉 x

  2. Glad you got some wheels, Tabitha, maybe they will free you. Happy to see you in the pink, even if it’s only in b&w.

    Be careful on your bike, and don’t tell your parents you got one. My daughter rode a big BMW when she lived in San Francisco and I held my breath until she sold it. Two years is a long time to hold your breath.

  3. This is one of my favorite photos this week. It’s cute that the sofa is pink but your photo is in b&w. But mostly I just love the composition, the light and dark, the way your body is so open and inviting, and yet there is a bit hidden too. The helmet is awesome, you look so sexy in it. You look strong – and yet there is so much soft and delicate about this photo. It is good to read that you are happy about having two wheels. Lovely!!! x

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  5. Lovely Tabitha, this is so you but I echo Elliott’s advice to take care.
    You – lady – deserve to be happy and you’re getting more rock’n’roll every minute!

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