Trudy Too

Trudy Too, something old and something new

When I saw the prompt this week for Wicked Wednesday is Unmentionable, I just had to join in.

I have been a bit absent from my blog recently for various reasons.

The first being something ironically, I can’t talk about yet… (yes, I’m prototyping and inventing sex toys again- stay tuned!).

Number 2, I’m trying to get some podcasts and audio recordings on the go – something I’ve been trying to do for… actually years. Something always stops me. I think it’s nerves deep down. But at last, my excuses about not having the right equipment or dodgy voice or all those things have been quashed.

I’ve set up my new super duper microphone and finally put my voice on a recording.

I’ve resurrected one of my most popular posts ever. It’s a little lesbian tale I wrote for Masturbation Monday nearly 4 years ago!

You can read the original post and full story here.

but for my audio debut, please listen and enjoy…


Oh to be a Trudy…
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9 thoughts on “Trudy Too

    1. Oh Marie! Thank you! and for Wicked Wednesday – without the push I think it would have stayed hidden away x x x

  1. Oh boy, can’t wait! But I’m at work now and I’m guessing it’s very NSFW!

    1. Listened to it! Great! What a sexy voice, and how you shift cadence to match the story’s intensity is grand!

    1. So funny to hear my own voice! I had to work up to this a lot – years actually 😀 thank you x x x

  2. Oh Tabitha, I suspect I’m not the only one whose legs twitched at ‘spread your legs’ :p beautifully done, I a) want a Trudy and b) want to go and be someone’s Trudy. Right now. Even though I’m shattered and have a million things to do, lol x

    1. Thank you so much Floss – that means a lot coming from you and your extremely professional podcast voice! x

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