The Archer of the Night

By Till Credner – Own work:, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wiki link

The Archer of the Night – a Friday Flash

The night skies are clear enough for Orion to flirt.

He tilts his hip on the brow of the black horizon, thrusting his shoulders to pull back his bow.

Restless in my bed, I throw off my covers and pad outside barefoot.

I gaze up at him as my burning need singes the frosted earth.

shadow of an archer

This post is for Friday Flash – a writing meme hosted by F Dot Leonora where you’re encouraged to write tight!

The prompt picture couldn’t have been more perfect. The shadow of the archer depicted by Lucy mirrors the archer in the constellations. I’ve been absolutely mezmerised by Orion in the night skies – it brings out a yearning – so raw and and earthy yet full of cosmic desire – I knew it was the time to write it!

In some descriptions, Orion holds a sword and shield but I see him as an archer with his sexy bow and arrow – gosh, leaves me all a quiver! If you research archery on the internet, it gets into Euphoff territory quite quickly 😀

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