Highland Fling

Highland Fling – a Sinful Sunday Post

Hello there – this is a very different photo than the one I had planned…

I’ve been away on a family gathering up in the Highlands – hectic and joyful! Full of celebration and absolute chaos with the ones I love most.

Of course, there was the odd sneaking off session with my beau…

There was a beautiful wood fired hot-tub that was absolutely crying out for a late night starry Sinful Sunday romp but it wasn’t to be.

Instead, I woke up this morning to the most beautiful light flooding the log cabin and so I flicked on the camera. This resulting photo is a contented reflection of all the food, wine, love and absolute over-indulgence. You can just make out my beau’s hand. It’s quite candid shot for me. The only editing I did was to crop it.

A strange coincidence, as I was driving up I received an email with the final edit of my new novella about a sexy Highland romp – so watch this space 😉

Click the lips for more Sinners x x

PS – remember, it’s Eroticon coming up this weekend – take a look at my Meet & Greet post – if you’re going, you could win a £500 sex toy hamper!


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14 thoughts on “Highland Fling

  1. This Sinful Sunday selection has my imagination running wild

    I’m looking at your beautiful picture and desperately want to see you as a mermaid

  2. This is the prettiest picture I’ve seen this weekend, Tabitha. Lovely, sexy, arousing. I’m jealous of that hand seen in the bottom right, and I don’t mean yours.

  3. There is something about the hand reaching into the image that makes it feel like we are witnessing an intimate private moment


  4. Such a lovely vulnerable picture. The curled upturned hand and your body have such a sense of softness and contentment. I love it.

  5. This is incredible, there’s something so innocent and vulnerable about this and the extra hand makes it so intimate too.

  6. Your robin egg-colored sheets cast a blueish hue onto your skin – this is so beautiful. And that hand-holding in the bottom right corner is such a wonderfully intimate detail! <3

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