Saturday #SSOS Sharing is Sexy

Saturday #SSOS Sharing is Sexy



OMG I can barely believe I’m doing this actually on a Saturday πŸ˜€

I’m about the most chaotic person you could ever meet so this is a miracle…


So if you have a blog platform and are in fear of you stuff being hidden because of say, sexy, thought provoking adult content, why not join lots of others arnd share some sexy linkylinks on your own site – cut out the judgemental social media platforms! (though, ironically enough, you’re probably here from a link from one) but NO Matter!


First of all, I’m sharing two things from Ella Scandarella:

This speculum review is simply brilliant. Ella really goes the extra mile to explain and describe her process. Detailed and wonderful!

It’s also her 2nd Blog Anniversary! And she’s doing a mega generous giveaway – join in here.

This one is a post I missed from aaaaages ago by Jedi Hamster – Size MattersΒ beautiful and very personal.

February Photofest is bringing out all the goodies! I absolutely love this fuck off dark and sexy photo of Maria by Exposing 40 – Cross My HeartΒ I just say, FUCK YEAH ladies.

I loved the way Marie Rebel made me lust for the blidfold in her Wicked Wednesday post, Black Hole.

Miss Modesty had me squirming in my seat with her sexy photos, but I was also fascinated by her journey into becoming a Fem Dom – A Modest Formula.

I’ve read some fucking soul aching good books recently and Roadhouse Blues by Malin James is an absolute classic. Review to follow – I’m still catching my breath. Read this book.

And this post from my dear, dear friend Oleander. It contains heartbreaking memories of her childhood trauma so click with caution. My heart is full of love and pride at the fucking incredible woman she is. It is an extremely hard read. Speaking the Unspeakable.

Gosh, there is so much fantastic stuff on this big old internet! Keep on sharing, reading, writing and enjoying.

Lots of love

Tabitha x x x x


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