Another One Bites the Dust

Another One Bites the Dust – An Angry Sinful Sunday and #SSoS post



I was truly saddened to learn that yet another body positive artist’s social media has been deleted. Topaz Pauls is the founder of Reconfigure, a life drawing project celebrating the body and art with stunning poses from many wonderful models . Whether she knows it or not, I have been a huge fan of Topaz and her for ages. She’s a muse for many an artist and puts on truly unique and inspiring events.


I wish you could go and see how wonderful her Instagram was. I’m so sad that the hours of work posting and compiling for our benefit is gone. Fucking hell. The posts were artistic poses of the female form. So I’m dedicating my Sinful Sunday photo and this week’s Share our Shit to Reconfigure and Topaz Pauls.

Study of Topaz’s leg

Some of you may have attended John Benge and my life drawing workshops at Eroticon where I hope you enjoyed and found some benefits. I can’t recommend going to a life drawing session enough, whether you’re artistic or not, it is an incredible thing to do.

When I was in high school in the 90s I was lucky enough to go to a life drawing course at Cincinnati School of Art and it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I was a school girl. It did not corrupt my innocent mind.

Ugh, I’m in danger of rambling. I’m going to stop now and grab a glass of wine.


Please go follow her on her new Instagram @reconfigure_lifedrawing / website and  facebook


And remember to click those lips to see more sexy, sensual images from the other Sinful Sunday participants…

19 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. This makes me so cross – what are we trying to do – bring our kids up to think the human form is something to be ashamed of? I signed my daughter up for life drawing classes when she was 16 – she loved it – drew some wonderful things and because of the portfolio got into a top uni. Now she is forever sketching people naked – way not – the body is a glorious thing to behold

    1. Good for you May, I’m sure your daughter really appreciated having such an open supportive parent.
      Like you, I’m fuming about this post…
      Indie xx

  2. Yep let’s all go into the nations galleries and white out those offending female nipples! Thanks for sharing Tabitha, but God I’m pissed off now. As a woman with nipples, an artist who loves drawing bodies and a blogger who feels their online work being sanitised I’m really infuriated!!!

  3. This obsession with preventing us showing and seeing the human body is ridiculous. How did we become so prudish (by we I mean they). I love the way you have used your photo to demonstrate what is going on here.

  4. Brilliant photo, and infuriating that social media is censoring art (among so many other things…).

  5. I hate this. I regularly have lingerie pics removed from my FB Page. There’s not even nudity for gods sake it’s just posh knickers. Its absolute censorship. I love you pic. It sums up how so many of us are feeling.

    Candy xx

  6. Utterly frustrating and that frustration is captured so well in your picture. It’s infuriating that Instagram (as one of several platforms for example) will allow hateful messages around race, violence, misogyny, etc but draws the line at art, semi nudity etc. This pseudo sexual Puritanism has got to go.

  7. IG are the most unfriendly adult social media site ever in my opinion. However you should tell her that it is possible to get back. You must keep messaging them and tell them it is an art project. I know Hyacinth got deleted with 55,000 followers on her account but after about 3 months it finally got restored


  8. This is a great post and photo! The whole thing is constantly infuriating me. I’ve reported an image regarding a child before on Instagram and the account wasn’t removed, only the image. But an art account is?! It doesn’t even make any sense. Grrr!
    Aurora x

  9. The curse of social media! With rules that are jaded from person to person and rather vague in what’s acceptable and what’s not.

    It’s saddens me that we have videos and images of drugs, death and violence but nipples are a steep to far.

    As time progress I have no doubts that things will eventually change but the wheels move slowly. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sure to check Topaz out.

  10. I love your photographic protest . . . very clever, and to-the-point!!!
    And, of course, so infuriating that so many hurtful and disrespectful messaging and posts on social media from all over the world seem to go uncensored, when something as natural . . . and wonderful . . . and important . . . as the human-form can be restricted in such a way!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. This makes me so angry. Censorship when it comes to body positivity is everywhere, yet violence seems to be completely acceptable.

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