Lost In Space

Sinful Sunday – Lost in Space


This week I tried to see the Orionid Meteor Shower – but because I live near Edinburgh, it was cloudy. Luckily there was a lecture on the cosmos nearby and my mind has been blown by how huge and unfathomable the universe and beyond is.


My image this week is inspired by this feeling of being utterly lost in space.

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Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “Lost In Space

  1. Oh my bloody good god. This is fucking stunning! Also, Lost in Space was the name of my degree show photography project!!! Xxx

  2. Love the deep blue colour tones and yes the concept of space and just how huge it is, is a fairly mind blowing thing


    1. Thank you Molly – yeah – the whole Space thing – honestly, I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to do – lucky we have Sinful Sunday to help us figure it all out, huh?! 🙂

  3. Wonderful image, I love the editing. The light is fabulous bursting around your body, nipples ready to be sucked. I felt an electric jolt below on seeing this photo.

  4. Oh, this is fabulous! The color is amazing and I love that your natural response to not being able to see the meteor shower was to go to a lecture on the cosmos. You are beautiful in all ways, lady!

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