Simply The Best! A Celebration of Community

This is the 200th Wicked Wednesday!

The theme is Simply The Best! Here’s my art piece I made for the one and only Ms F Dot Leonora. It’s called Cafe Avec Mlle Solomon a Paris. I chose it because I have met so many amazing people in the erotica community and this represents that. I just want to hang out with them all! This community is Simply The Best!

Thank you Marie! Happy 200! x x

Click the rainbow for more 200!

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7 thoughts on “Simply The Best! A Celebration of Community

  1. Beautiful art and lovely words, and I totally agree: This community is Simply The Best!

    Thanks for joining in this week 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. And you Molly! The erotic beating heart of this wonderful community too x I’m counting on hanging out soon! X x x

  2. I so agree about this fabulous community. I never anticipated the support when I decided to begin my sex-writing path. I’ve said this before, but it holds true: my fantasy when I publish a book is include a big slathering display of gratitude towards Marie in the Acknowledgements because I probably would have quit by now without her welcoming embrace. Her hard work with Wicked Wednesday is an inspiration and a gift!

    Also — LOVE your art piece!! It is perfect for our beloved F Dot Leonora!

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