E is for Enveloped

E is for Enveloped - wearing a jumper - Tabitha Rayne

E is for Enveloped – a Sinful Sunday post


Wrap me in a chunky knit

and I’m seventeen again.

Naked in your unwashed jumper

enveloped in your scent.


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26 thoughts on “E is for Enveloped

  1. I love how cosy this is… it evokes so many memories of wearing a partner’s shirt forever until their scent finally wears off. Just a beautiful shot, too.

  2. I adore this image.
    “Naked in your unwashed jumper” mmmm
    It triggered a memory of a scene in the old Animal House movie (you’ll be too young). I remembered Karen Allen answering Donald Sutherland’s door in his sweater. I had a search to see if my memory was correct but can only find Sutherland in the sweater.

  3. This just sums up a huge sigh and a feeling of contentment. The subtleness is both gorgeous and yet the glimpse is divine. It echoes so much of wistful pangs of the past. People flit into our lives and become so important for a fleeting period of time sometimes but they all interweave in some way to leave memories many years later.

  4. Wearing his clothes is such a sexy thing, sadly Michael never wears a jumper but if he did I would definitely be in it, warm and smelling of him, I can’t think of anything better


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