Sex Robots Don’t Have to be Humanoid! #SexTech

Cosmic Orgasmic sex robot sextech

Sex Robots Don’t Have to be Humanoid! #SexTech – a Sinful Sunday Post


I happened upon this tweet this week:

tweet that says 'worst Tedx Talk I've ever seen'

Which of course immediately made me click on the TEDx Youtube Vid where Dr Kate talks about how Sex Robots can be anything we want! Why do we insist on making them look like humans? When I was designing Ruby Glow I was quite deliberate that I didn’t want it to look phalic or yonic – though, I did have a reclining lady in my mind – in an abstract form though.

But Dr Kate’s video has completely got my imagination fired up for all sorts of sexy robotic action.

This week’s Sinful Sunday is my first attempt at exploring my fantasies and getting a tailoring my design free of inhibitions and physical constraints.

I hope you like my Cosmic Orgasmic Multi-Sensory Sex Robot

Here’s an annotated version.

sex robot with many hands for stimulating the whole body. Each finger has sensors and vibrating pads.

Why not have a go and inventing your own one! Let yourself go – I think the hands must be something to do with orgies but maybe harks as far back as watching Labyrinth and having that dark pre-sexual thrill when Sarah falls down the hole and all the hands start capturing her. It’s amazing what your brain pops out.



My next one is going to be a squishy beanbag that plays Led Zepplin and squeezes me all over.

Lots of sexy love to you

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15 thoughts on “Sex Robots Don’t Have to be Humanoid! #SexTech

  1. Oh, wow. You had me at ‘head cradle and neck massage’ alone, tbh. Love the little journey into your formative inputs, though πŸ™‚

  2. I loves a book back in the 80’s by Tanith Lee called the silver metal lover. He was humanoid, but god I though he was hot. Now I do like the idea of all those hands, and YES! to the neck massage part. I’d also like one that lays over you like a mesh and creates ripples and swirls of touch.

  3. This is fascinating! Every time I’ve pictured a sex robot it has been made in a human form. I love how creative you have got thinking up something completely different. I’m wondering what would be my dream sex robot now..
    Aurora x

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