My Cup Runneth Over

My cup runneth over Sinful Sunday Tabitha Rayne 1

My Cup Runneth Over – a Sinful Sunday post

Isn’t it incredible how one word can conjure so much thought? Molly’s Sinful Sunday prompt for September is Blue…

Before I go on, this might be quite a jumbled post, so if you want to skip to the other Sinful Sunday entries, please just gently kiss those lips! (I honestly won’t be offended if you pop off now 😉 )

Ooo, thanks for sticking with me 😀 

So I was searching my mind trying to think of a pose/ image and couldn’t think of a thing, that is, until I found a small blue plastic picnic cup left over from a day on the beach yesterday.

I was thinking about being a vessel, then the phrase My Cup Runneth Over came to me. It is kind of fraught with childhood churchy angst which I haven’t quite revealed here yet. I’m not sure I ever will, but it is quite an emotional subject for me…

Anyhoooo, the image of cups and vessels overflowing got me thinking of female arousal and squirting. A sated pussy releasing gush after gush of pleasure. Which also happens to be this week’s Kink Of The Week.


I haven’t achieved the magic art of squirting yet. I first mentioned this in my post, Dolphin Dreams, which my sister read and was utterly amazed that I wasn’t a squirter. She couldn’t believe it and went on to explain a few things. Basically, you have to really let go of your inhibitions and let your body go loose. Just relax and almost bear down into your pussy, open up and just let it go. So now I think I can understand why it might be hard for me. I hold my cunt tense most of the time. I stand straight and tip my pelvis up to ‘hold it all in’. I have to really concentrate on relaxing my yoni area.

So this is my lesson to myself. To release and relax. The good news is, I don’t feel in any way that my sex life is lacking, my lover or my technique is not in question, I won’t feel cheated if I never achieve this. But at least I do know how I can help it become a possibility.

My Cup Runneth Over Tabitha Rayne Sinful Sunday

These two images are my illustration of this.

All from one word, Blue.

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Thanks you for reading!

love Tabitha

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26 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. I love these images and also what they convey. You are so talented at expressing things through words and images. I’m a squirrel. I’m never quite sure that I want to be but it isn’t exactly a choice. Your sister’s description made sense to me though – I’ve never really analysed what happens or what I am doing when I squirt.

  2. Beautiful blue . . . and, of course . . . beautifully written.
    Isn’t it often true that when you want / hope for something to happen it doesn’t?
    And then, when you aren’t trying or thinking about it, suddenly . . . !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. There’s a lot of old, misogynistic (often religious) writing about women as vessels or receptacles… so I love how you turn that on its head to talk about pleasure and squirting. I feel like there’s a LOT of pressure on women nowadays to learn how to squirt because it’s become popular… and I have a lot of feelings about feeling like we should do / be able to do the things that women do in porn. Something to work out in a KOTW post! In any case – your photo is simple, beautiful, and eye-catching. Your skin looks so creamy against the rug that you look like an alabaster statue!

  4. Both of these photos are stunning but the first is my favourite! You’re so clever to create such gorgeous pictures and ideas from a simple cup. The quote reminds me of something Oprah Winfrey said which I adore. About filling yourself. Being so full of yourself that your cup runneth over. Something like that anyway lol
    Aurora x

  5. I was in my late 30’s when I squirted for the first time. It doesn’t happen often for me which I am OK with but it was fun to know I could do it.

    I love your pictures, the fact that the carpet is blue makes it appear that your cup has flooded the floor!


    1. I loved your KOTW on this Molly – isn’t it fascinating? So delighted that we can come together and ‘demystify’ it with each other x x thank you for the platform to do so! x

  6. I only discovered I could squirt a few years ago. It’s only being ‘attacked’ with a magic wand that does it and honestly it adds absolutely nothing to my orgasm when it happens.

  7. I discovered squirting during cunnilingus. Got my face seriously inundated and immersed. Once I realised what it was I felt incredibly proud and happy.

    Love those images. The pale you, and the blue: just beautiful together!


  8. It was the simplicity which drew me in. I saw the first pic and decided I’d have to jump into Sinful Sunday too. I followed you a little while ago which is how I came to see it and now I’m so glad I did – thanks!
    Back to the pics, I’m rather loving the second one, perhaps because of the angles of your legs and how their paleness brackets the blueness of the carpet.
    I read your writing with interest, clever and thought provoking. I have a feeling my squirting days may be over as I’m a very cautious g-spotter these days being somewhat prone to UTI’s (although I just bought a g-spot toy on Aurora’s recommendation so maybe a last hurrah?) Anyway thanks again.

  9. Oh I love this! First of all, you in a tight white tee is hot, hot, hot, hot. Second, thanks for the insight into squirting. I also haven’t done it, and when you describe it that way, I think I can see why. I love your illustration of the concept with the two photos. Here’s to being happy with what is, but open to what might be possible!

    1. Thank you – I’m glad folks are opening up about their experiences in these comments – so informative and important to hear all of our experiences are so different x

  10. Relaxing is key to squirting but even if you don’t squirt (because your mind also has to be fairly relaxed, too), when I allow the tension in my body to dwindle, orgasms are just better in general – even when I don’t squirt. 🙂

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