Banister Sinful Sunday Tabitha Rayne

I can never resist sliding down a wooden banister…


Happy Sinful Sunday! lucky for me the prompt for this month is Stairs/steps. I almost missed this one – summer is always bonkers as I take time out to meet friends and go camping – but since my guest for this very day is the magnificent photographer Exposing 40 (can’t wait! less than an hour until I meet her from the train!) I couldn’t not post a photo…


I’ll be back to fully posting Tabitha very soon!

Please seek me out on Tuesday 8th Aug as I’ve got a very  sexy story appearing on Cosmo Uk *trembles*

Love ya! Click the lips for more stairs of delight x x x

17 thoughts on “Banister

  1. I’ve been wondering what was up with unfully posting Tabitha. This is a great way to do stairs, I’m sure it doesn’t replace the Ruby Glow though. Looking forward to Exposing 40’s pics.

  2. I know this topic is closed, but when I saw your remark on how you couldn’t resist sliding down a banister I had to come have a look. My memory of bannister sliding play was not so gloriously naked, but given that I was about 10 and with my parents in a country pub where the end of the bannister was flat and hence a favorite spot for the locals to rest there beer it was just as well…
    You’ve given me a little mental challenge though. Gotta find me a bannister and play on it!!!

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