Artist, Muse and Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Artist, Muse and Cosmopolitan Magazine


Why hello!

I’m just popping by to tell you about my story, The Artist, which appears in today’s Cosmo UK online magazine.

The artist muse dynamic is something I explore quite a lot in my writing, to study, to be studied is a knee tremblingly powerful theme. I guess it can tap into a voyeuristic need, or the need to be given somebody’s full and unflinching attention, if only physical.

I have always enjoyed life drawing and indeed had a wonderful time hosting a workshop with brilliant life model, John Benge at this year’s Eroticon (an erotic writers’ conference) where we played with the idea of the model telling a story through his poses and inspiring erotic fiction.

I guess it’s quite taboo to explore these feelings – in a real life drawing situation you are so focussed on light reflecting off skin and muscles shaped beneath, where does this shadow fall, or this angle move? It can turn the subject into just a series of angles, lines, light and shade. I guess I love to explore what’s going on underneath the flesh and in the psyche.

The model in my story for Cosmo has a burning need to visit her mystery artist of whom she knows nothing at all really…


I hope you enjoy her adventure! I will update with links from here as soon as I can!


Thank you for reading x x x

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