Temporary Custodian

Temporary custodian tabitha rayne

Temporary custodian

I do not own this land, it is not mine.

I’m just a temporary custodian

for a limited time.

The same holds for this body,

this body’s not mine…

I’m just a temporary custodian

’til the end of my time.

I’ve been bad to myself,

torn my own flesh and my mind,

and abused this gift many a time.

But I know now life needs me to treat it with care,

this body, this mind and everything there.

Love your body, this land, and embrace all of mankind

We’re all temporary custodians for a limited time.

Break bread show joy, share your world and mind

this connection is love

and will last for all time.


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I wrote this because I don’t know what else to do

14 thoughts on “Temporary Custodian

  1. What a brilliant and symbolic idea for a photograph. I like how gritty / grainy the image is because it’s so dark and how the cutouts pop against your skin. Beautiful words that are much needed right now.

  2. This poem is so beautiful and so needed right now. The photo is incredible. It looks like the people are burned through your body, which is a gorgeous, heartbreaking metaphor. Thank you so much for making art and sharing it with us. It matters and it’s important.

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