Fire Walk With Me

Fire Walk With Me – A Sinful Sunday post

I love fire

It’s the 300th Sinful Sunday! Congratulations Molly for such wonderful weekly sexy indulgence x x

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23 thoughts on “Fire Walk With Me

    1. Thank you Marie – I’m just trying to think if I made this photo before or after your amazing candlelight shot… *goes to check*
      Yes – I saw it yesterday morning and took the photo last night! It must have inspired the flame light subconsciously. Don’t you love it when that happens and you suddenly figure out why it was on your mind to do a particular thing? x x
      here’s Marie’s beautiful photo in case you missed it

  1. Ooooh, Twin Peak *huge grin*

    Fabulous image, fire is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with in images and your photo shows me why, its mesmerising and utterly beautiful even though it has a sense of danger to it.

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