Saddle Sore

Saddle Sore - a photo for Sinful Sunday by Tabitha Rayne

Saddle Sore – Sinful Sunday

Why, hello – don’t you love the feeling when you’ve used your body hard and made it ache in that delicious exhausted way? My bike ride doubled unexpectedly from 10 miles to 20 yesterday and so last night involved a lot of rubbing of sore bits… my bottom being the most tender part.

I managed to get this photo about 15 miles in when the sun was setting.

See who else is joining in the Sinful fun by clicking those sexy lips…


Sinful Sunday
PS – Sinful Sunday is a weekly meme run by Molly Moore where bloggers,
artists, photographers share their sensual images – come join in!

11 thoughts on “Saddle Sore

  1. What a fantastic shot…. I love the view! And yes I love that feeling when your body aches like that, there is something very satisfying about it


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