#Kiss Sinful Sunday

Kiss Sinful Sunday photo by Tabitha Rayne

Kiss – Sinful Sunday

Welcome – the prompt for this month is Reshoot.

I was thinking about how I could redo an old Sinful Sunday photo,

when I found this Gif and posted it on Twitter.



To say it had me inspired is an understatement.

I could watch this all day. It is so intimate, so sensual, so erotic.

So instead if reshooting one of my own, I tried to create a still of this

(with the help of one of the best kissers in the whole world).

To see who else is joining in, click the lips x x x

Sinful Sunday

23 thoughts on “#Kiss Sinful Sunday

  1. Ohhh that gif is mesmerizing. Damn I love kissing sooo much and you recreation of the gif is perfect. Now I am going off to get myself a kiss


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