Happy Sinful Halloween!


I’ve been bitten for Sinful Sunday

I’ve also been incredibly inspired by Exposing 40’s wonderful recent series where she’s all pressed up on a glass table. She is sexy AF.

For more sexy Sinners – click those lips x x x

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “Bitten

  1. This is so sexy and so subtle! Just those two tiny little punctures. And as soon as I saw the image I thought of Exposing 40’s glass table images. So lovely to see your reflection and then just the corner of your mouth. Really well done. Hope you had a very happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you all for commenting! This picture came out much better than I thought it would – I think I might re-edit it to make more of the creepy highlight in the eye – it looks quite sinister I think. 😀 x x

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