Bath, Boobs, Beer and a Book

Boobs, Bath, Beer and a Book - Tabitha Rayne, Sinful Sunday
Bath, Boobs, Beer and a Book – a Sinful Sunday post

So the prompt for September is B

I know drinking Beer in the Bath might be a little unladylike, but after a tough day fixing my Broken Bike, this was what was called for.


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16 thoughts on “Bath, Boobs, Beer and a Book

  1. Lovely image, Tabitha! You look so happy and comfy! We once tried to help our neighbor assemble his Lance Armstrong bike, but it was missing a nut. (Holden made me type that, I swear…) ~C

  2. Bloody brilliant . . . I think mine would have been Beaujolais, Bath, Beaujolais, Boobs, Beaujolais, Book . . . and another Beaujolais !!!
    But yes, very relaxing and the perfect way to unwind !!!
    Xxx – K

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