Me, Not Me – a Threeway Split

Time for Sinful Sunday – the prompt this month is ‘Shoot From From Below’

Me, Not Me – a Threeway Split


Me. Not Me - a Sinful Sunday photo - Tabitha Rayne

This was a strange sort of experiment.

I recognise these first two photos as myself.

Me, not Me - a view from below Tabitha Rayne

But this one doesn’t feel like me at all.

Leaning over the camera – I do not recognise this body – it feels very odd.

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Sinful Sunday is a weekly meme where bloggers share their sexy, arty photos and images – just in case you didn’t know. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Me, Not Me – a Threeway Split

  1. Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes. I have images that I don’t recognize as me and I think it is often to do with the angle of the shot and seeing myself from a completely new perspective


    1. Completely bizarre! in actual fact, it reminded me of a friend from years ago… I got quite a strange shock when I saw it. very odd – thanks again for making us think more and work harder with our photos, Molly x x x

  2. Who knew upside-downing your boobs could be so distancing? 🙂

    You’re so beautiful, and your legs are clearly a hundred feet long. Phenomenal.

  3. I really like the second picture – it’s so playful. It kind of reminds me of toy soldiers for some reason (you would be the sexiest toy soldier of all time). Lovely shots!

  4. This series is wonderful. They’re all really, *really* beautiful, but I especially love the last one. I identify so much with that odd lack of recognition. It’s a strange, surreal thing. Thank you for including it. What a beauty (the photo and, most especially, you).

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