Desk Job

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The very sexy prompt pic (thank you Kayla) completely changed my mind on what I was going to post – here is an excerpt from my dystopian fantasy, Taking Flight – hope you enjoy! Remember to click on the big purple square at the end for more Masturbation Mondays x x x

Desk Job – from Taking Flight

“Busy?” Her lover’s voice made her body soften and she sat up, leaning on her desk with her elbows.

“Always.” She smiled the way she invariably did at the sound of him. “You shouldn’t be calling here. You know I’ll get in trouble.” But she was grinning as he kept her on the line.

“Just look serious and nod every now and then,” he said, the familiar tone of lust inflecting his words. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” Deborah nodded and assumed a pose that she imagined looked serious enough to warrant a phone call during study hours.

“Now, doctor, tell me, how many people are in the room with you?”

She looked at her colleagues, counting quickly. There were seven others, plus the lab manager.

“Eight so far this morning,” she replied, trying to sound efficient, as if this was part of a report to a superior.

“Good.” His voice was dripping with lust and the hair on her neck, close to her ear, bristled with the same naughty anticipation it always did whenever she heard that tone. “Now here’s what I want you to do.”

She looked anxiously about, knowing that he was about to give her a command to carry out in secret.

“Pull that sexy lab coat of yours up over your bum so it hangs over the back of your stool.”

She did. Her skirt was made of cheap, thin cotton, and her buttocks tensed at the slight chill of the wooden seat.

“Have you done that for me?” he asked.


“Good. Now hook your toes under the first rung and spread your knees wide.”

She glanced around the room, her breath quickening, and did as she was bid. Her skirt strained a little on her thighs before riding up to allow her legs to open. Just that action alone caused the heady flight of arousal to mount in her abdomen.

“Now hitch your skirt up over your ass too.”

Without looking down, she dropped a hand and tugged her skirt up past her stocking tops, shivering again when the backs of her thighs were bared to the cool wood.

“Done?” he asked.


“Good.” His voice thickened with every breath and a flurry of heat built in her crotch as she thought of him languidly sliding his palm over his trousered package. “Are your legs spread as wide as you can get them?”

She shuffled back, tipping her pelvis and opening her hips until it almost hurt.

“Yes,” she whispered, and the manager looked at her quizzically from the front of the lab.

“Be more assertive next time,” Marcus said, as if sensing the surveillance. “Now tilt forward and press those tight lips into your seat.”

It was an awkward movement with her toes still tucked in and she had to shuffle some more. She looked briefly into the eyepiece of her microscope to disguise the motion, which only helped to apply more pressure to the area. She could hear her own breath magnified in the earpiece.

“I can hear that you’ve done that. No need to confirm.”

She remained silent and peered up to see if anyone sensed a disturbance. All was normal.

Her sex was reacting nicely to being thrust open and pressed into the chair and the heat was beginning to turn to dampness in the crotch of her panties.

“Is your pussy getting wet now?”

“Yes,” she said, almost stammering at the rawness of the question.

“Good,” he said again, obviously turned on himself as the tell-tale nasal breathing deepened, and she imagined him unzipping himself. “Reach down and hook your middle finger into your knickers and pull them to the side.”

She did as she was bid and gasped as her fingers brushed her lips, which were slick with want and contracted as cool air flowed over them.

“Open yourself up and slide your sexy little middle finger right on up inside for me. Say yes when you’ve done it.”

Deborah eased her hand into her pants and pushed her digit easily into her slippery entrance. She cupped her mound and began to rock forward, pressing her now aching clit into the fleshy heel of her palm.


“I think you need more, don’t you?” he asked, and she could tell his cock was in his own fist now by the wobble in his voice. “Put your index finger in too and hold the phone in the crook of your neck.”

Tilting her head, she trapped the phone, freeing her other hand.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she said, expecting him to command her to rub the peaking nub of flesh that was so desperately nestled between her pussy lips.

“Take the largest test tube on your desk.”

Deborah blushed and hesitated for a moment, then reached out and chose one of the empty, sterile vials, quickly taking it under the desk.

“Now, shuffle forward to the edge of your seat and fuck yourself with it.”


Desk job – Will she? Won’t she? 😀

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