Thin – an erotic poem

Yearning Thin a painting

Why hello! Here’s an erotic poem I wrote for this week’s Wicked Wednesday – the prompt is On The Edge – this poem is about the healing power of sex – being stuck inside of ourself and on that brink of not knowing how to escape it.

Some people might not like that so read with caution.




I look down at my flesh.

There’s more of it I know,

I’m weightier these days

but I feel paper thin,


My body might seem strong and capable

but if you touch it I will dissolve like a moth’s wing.

Nothing will be left but a fragile pile of shimmering dust.

Your breath will scatter me, your words…

Your coaxing words

‘Let me in

Open up.’

I’m afraid but you are insistent.

I lie frozen

Incapable of pulling you to me or pushing you away

so I do neither.




You forge ahead, kissing where I yearn to be kissed

Parting where I yearn to be opened until –

you glide inside making me rise to my terrified need.

I come from far away,

my orgasm pulling from the outside in,

the wave of myself folds me back together.

My body clambers to be whole again under the skill of your touch.

We lie together shuddering and glowing


You fix me

Every time…


Do you know that?



Ok so this is kind of an experiment – some words have been jangling around all week and I couldn’t pin them into a story so they fell into this poem. For some amazing erotic poetry – try reading some of these by Jade A Waters.

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32 thoughts on “Thin – an erotic poem

  1. Wow Tabitha, what a lovely poem! Love ‘dissolve like a moths wing’ 😊 You write so eloquently……. kudos to you! 😘 xx

  2. Oh my goodness, Tabitha – I love this! Particularly the merging of strength/struggle with softness. Loved “the wave of myself folds me back together,” in particular. And thank you for the sweet mention of my work – that was far too kind. I think you did a fabulous job here! 🙂 XX-Jade

    1. Thank you Molly – what a fantastic feeling to read this comment – I wish I could see what you saw too. I think that’s what I love most about words – they are other people’s pictures once they are out of us… x x

  3. Is ‘thin’ meant to symbolize hunger, as in a hunger not only for sex, but also for love, a hunger finally satisfied by one’s lover? That’s what I read in it. Well done. 🙂

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