Sex and the Stranger – new book out now!

Sex and the Stranger book cover
How about a new book? Sex and the Stranger

A sexy new anthology from Harper Collins Mischief out today!

There’s lots of juicy erotic stories from some of your favourite authors including Justine Elyot (one of my ultimate faves ever) and a supernatural tale from me called Clarence.

Do you fancy a little snippet? You do?

Phew, thank goodness for that… could have been awkward… 😀


“Clarence?” I roll my eyes. “What kind of name is that?”

He just shrugs. He’s caught my attention before but we always both glance away quickly. The strange thing is, I can’t work out if I was staring at him first, or he was staring at me. Like, if I feel the hairs raising on the back of my neck and I turn round, he’s there. Every time. It’s been going on for weeks now.

I first spotted him leaning casually on a lamppost outside the diner across the road. I remember distinctly because I was thoroughly engrossed in my book, trying to finish it and get to the library before closing, when a dustbin appeared from nowhere, making me trip and stumble. As I was righting myself with passers by fussing over me, I got a prickling down my neck and looked over to see him staring right at me. Making no attempt to see if I was okay or even acknowledge that I’d fallen, he simply did not look surprised in the slightest. And here’s something else that’s odd – every time I see him, it’s after I’ve tripped or stumbled or simply forgotten what I was doing and had to stop and figure out what is was. Very strange. He must think I’m an absolute blithering idiot.

Today though, today I decided to confront whatever it is that’s going on. So I wiped down my blouse where I’d spilled my milkshake over my boobs and looked to where I instinctively knew he’d be. And there he was. Sitting on the end of a booth of babbling college boys. My heart skipped a little when I saw he wasn’t looking at me, but then at that moment, he turned and stared. Right into my eyes. I kept my gaze locked with his and walked over to him and asked his name. So here we are. And I’m waiting for him to answer my question.


Rising, he pushes his chair out and stands to his full height in front of me as his buddies giggle and nudge each other.

“Well, what?” he asks, a defiant look flashes across his face and the prickle reappears at my nape.

“What kind of a name is Clarence? Did your parents not like you or something?” I recoil at my own words. What the hell am I being so bitchy for? I think it’s just the strange effect he’s having on me or I’m trying to cover my own embarrassment at appearing such a clumsy dufus every time he sees me.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say.” His voice is soft and buttery, like a slowly chewed toffee that you have to take your time over. The prickle has made it around my neck and behind my ears and a flush is rising on my décolleté. His pose is languid and self-assured, his weight on one hip as the other dips, his knee bent a little in his jeans. He leans into the side of the booth and lifts a toothpick to his mouth. It’s such a clichéd action. A bad boy. He just stares, daring me to break the silence. My bravado begins to wane and I flick my eyes away from his and cough.

“Sorry,” I say and begin to leave feeling self-conscious and very silly.

“You be careful,” he says with a hint of a chuckle in his tone and I look back to see him smiling from his eyes, and he’s totally checking me out. He lifts an eyebrow as his gaze settles on my milk soaked chest. I turn just to see a cleaning trolley in my path. That was definitely not there a second ago, I think as my feet tangle and trip and I’m once again grabbing at walls and people for support. Flustered and utterly humiliated, I look over to ‘Clarence’ but he’s already sitting with his back to me. Thank goodness. I never want to see him ever again in my whole life…


What do you think? Want to read more…? You can buy the whole entire Sex and the Stranger book for only £1.99 HERE.

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