The Balance

The Balance - a painting by Tabitha Rayne
The Balance – a preview for Sinful Sunday

So this is a portrait and it is at that critical moment. I know it’s not finished, there are bits that are making me shudder and bits that make me feel joy, but this is the moment where I could so easily overdo things. I could completely ruin hours of work with one brush stroke. And like all portraits, I want it to be absolutely perfect for my beautiful model. I chose this photo because the brush looks like it’s balancing on her back – and it to me, in this moment, it really is…

Can anyone tell who this is?

I’m hosting a workshop at this year’s Eroticon Live – we’ll be doing some life drawing and writing inspired by the experience – why not come along! It’s a wonderful weekend of erotic writing fun and education – check out details:

Lick the luscious lips for more Sunday Sinners…

Sinful Sunday

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28 thoughts on “The Balance

  1. Oh, wow, it’s Molly? *really hope I got that right)

    It’s utterly beautiful – she’s crawling off the page- the brush totally looks like it’s balancing, the perspective is so real. Amazing work! Good luck, good luck!

  2. *bounces around with excitement. Tabitha it is beautiful, I don’t know what to say…. you have taken my words and my breath away. THANK YOU!


  3. Oh my God. I LOVE THIS. It’s so wonderful. And I love it even more because if I remember correctly it’s a photo that made Molly uncomfortable, which makes it even more wonderful that you’ve made such a beautiful job of it. You’re so talented! Xxx

  4. This is wonderful! I loved that photo of Molly and your painting brings it even further to life. I think it’s fantastic that you included the tools of your process in this image as well. Good luck in making your final strokes!

  5. sometimes i like when things are left unfinished
    there is a type of art to that

    i wish i could do what you do
    i have the ideas, the passion and no skill

  6. I know who that is and I remember the post that went with the original so what a brilliant choice. It is truly fabulous.

    One day I’d love to get something like this done of me, I just haven’t been brave enough yet!

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