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OK – so you know my work is for adults only AND usually NSFW – well today is no exception…
Don’t blame me for this filth – blame Kink of the Week and Masturbation Monday ๐Ÿ˜€


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Yes, yes you can see me. You can see me being pummelled and fucked. You can see my legs spread wide as balls slap my ass. Yes, you can hear my yelps of delight as hands grip my flesh as he tenses. And yes, you can see one more in front of you, watching too, cock in fist, pumping to the rhythm of our fucking. But can you see the others? You have been instructed not to turn. You have been instructed to give all attention to the action in front of you. But I can see it. I can look past the flexing muscles and watch it all.

Now you want to twist and see but you mustnโ€™t. Can you guess? Can you guess by the hissing of breath and slapping noises of fisted palms on flesh?

My cunt clenches at the thought of you watching me. Of you all watching. I want you all, all of you, all at once.

Come forward, I command, and you move as one seething mass, looming closer, frantically pulling yourselves off around me.

Faster, faster, I urge as you all pump as one, fucking me with bodies and eyes and fingers and fists. My pleasure mounts and tightens around the relentless dick inside me and I clutch and spasm, shuddering into an almighty climax as the rain of a thousand jizzing cocks spatters over my panting body.

And here’s the prompt from Kayla – my goodness! I hardly dare post it ๐Ÿ˜€
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30 thoughts on “Watching

  1. Oh Tabitha this is just fabulously filthy and I LOVE it and the last line "shuddering into an almighty climax as the rain of a thousand jizzing cocks spatters over my panting body." just magical use of words


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