The Kiss

It’s 2016 – wow – how did that happen so fast?
Here’s my very first Masturbation Monday of the year which also happens to join the Kink of the Week theme of kissing. Click the links for more! I love a good kissing scene so I hope this satisfies your lip action urges x x x
It’s a small excerpt from The Guitar (read previous excerpts: The Shaft Part 1The Shaft Part 2)

about to let go when there is an almighty banging on the door.
What the hell?
jump up flinging my guitar down all twisted in the sheets and covers. I stumble
and trip over the pile as I run to the door in shock, my cock heavily slapping
from side to side as I go. The banging continues.
right! All right! What the fuck is going on?”
more banging. Someone using their fist. I put the chain in place before opening
the door  a chink.
me in, Kel,” he says, a thunderous look on his face. His eyes are way darker
than I remembered with a tinge of purple beneath them.
ok, just stop banging!”
close the door and step back to take off the chain and open the locks. As soon
as he hears the click he barges his way in and pushes me up against the wall.
My little key table tips and jangles to the floor as his hot breath hits my
face and I inhale his lusty scent.
want you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You make me hard and I can’t get rid
of you from my mind. It’s doing my head in. I need to fuck you. I need you
either out of my system or in my system but whatever it is, it needs to happen
begin to reply but he has my face in his hands and is kissing me hard, gnawing
at my lips and spearing my mouth with his hot tongue. It is raw, feral and
horny as fuck. I match him kiss for kiss, bite for bite and wrap my hands
around his back and up to the nape of his neck where I grab his hair and scoop
him backwards to the other wall. He hits is with a bang and makes a growl sound
from deep in his throat. Our mouths are wide and greedy for each other. My
nipples and cock graze at his clothing and I release his head to pull his shirt
out of his waistband. He helps and we are ferocious in our need to be naked
together. I fall to my knees before him and our fingers grab and mingle at his
flies, pulling and grabbing, frustrated by the effort of clothing. At last he
is free and I yank the denim down and pause at the sight before me.
cock is perfection. Straight, beautiful, gloriously hard. I breathe in his hot
musky smell and can detect my own scent rising from my crotch. It is heady and
my mouth is watering, too empty. I sink my lips over his head and graze the
shining straining dome with my teeth on the way down. Oh he tastes so good.
Salty, sweet, tangy with the metallic hint of precome sending my taste-buds
into over drive. God. I want to swallow him whole. I want to take his full
length into me. I gobble and suck, my cheeks and jaw working hard to keep up
the rhythm as he knots his fingers into my hair and pushes me on to him even

I’m tipping over the
edge, over that sweet barrier. I don’t want to think it – if I think it, I’ll
snap back into my fears. Too late. I start to gag on my guilt – not his cock.
It’s not his cock rammed down my throat that’s making me feel the creeping
shame, it’s me…

If you enjoyed that and want to read the rest of Kel and Damien’s story, you can! It’s in this fab anthology, Brit Boys With Toys out now for only 99p!


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