The Shaft – part 2

So this post for Wicked Wednesday follows on from my Masturbation Monday this week – readers weren’t too happy at where I left the action so here you go… The prompt for WW is ‘Happy Place’. Enjoy! And click on the rainbow for more…
We stand looking at each other as the speaker hums. The atmosphere is electric. I
reach for his jaw and cup it gently, the stubble prickling at my palm. He licks
his lips and takes a slight step in toward me.
“So, I’ve been wondering,” he says, reaching for my jaw, mirroring my touch on him.
“Just what were you doing before I knocked on your door?”
The blush rises again and my eyes flick to the guitar before I can stop them. His
grin is lustful and completely self-satisfied.
He is so close now, my pubic hair and hardening cock tickle at his belly. I can
feel the tip of his, rising up to caress underneath my balls. A shiver goes
through my entire body and goosebumps spread over my flesh.
“Show me,” he says and tilts his head up to kiss me.
I meet him half way and devour his coffee flavour kisses. We meet tongue for
tongue, lap for lap, suck for suck. It’s the best and horniest kiss of my like
and I’m so hard I’m walking that line between pleasure and pain. I pull back a
“Show you what?” I ask gasping and panting. Lust filling every part of me as we wrap
our arms around each other and become engulfed in our need. Oh fuck yeah. This feels so good, so
“Show me how you fuck your guitar.”

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I’ve never thought of it as actually fucking my guitar, more just rubbing against it, or wanking a bit – but fucking? I guess he’s right.
“Um, it’s kind of, I don’t know, embarrassing and private,” I say, blushing again.
“You have got to be kidding me. You fuck that thing every night on stage!”
He has a very wicked look in his eye and pulls back from our embrace and pushes me onto the bed just to the side of the guitar.
I lie back and take it by the neck, drawing it across my body until my throbbing cock is covered and in its familiar polished groove.
“Is this it? Is this what you want to see?” I ask with a dirtiness to my tone that seems to have appeared from nowhere. “You want to watch while I fuck myself
with this big vibrating instrument?”
He smiles and nods slowly. I’m feeling empowered and ready. I spread my thighs and
point my toes, assuming the position for maximum sensation. The bed dips as he
kneels on it between my legs and crawls up inside them.
“Oh you cannot even imagine how much I want to see this.”
“Ok then,” I say closing my eyes and pressing my head back into the pillow, plectrum
poised for the first note.
“Do it,” he whispers and I pluck the string. The room is filled with noise that you
can actually feel through your skin and the vibrations ricochet through the
wood and into the guitar. It is heaven. My happy place, my place. I am utterly
without bounds. I make an A chord and strum, letting the sound linger
and echo through the room.
Damien is now holding my ankles, pushing them apart which feels filthy rude. My guitar
falls deeper into my crotch and the building in my balls is intense.

“That’s it, that’s it, strum for me.”

Happy Wicked Wednesday x x

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