Tales of the Unexpected

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I’m on time!
This week, I’ve taken the old TV show, Tales of the Unexpected as my inspiration. Do you remember it? I was only ever allowed to watch the opening credits before being ushered to bed but they left a big impression on me.

The other night before bed, I caught a glimpse of the shadow cast on my wall and it reminded me of that.

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18 thoughts on “Tales of the Unexpected

  1. Yes! I remember Tales of the Unexpected they were brilliant titles weren't they! I was allowed to watch the programme though 🙂

    Your image is a wonderful representation of the silouette.

  2. Yes I do remember it well, and like you those opening credits have stuck with me, there was something so suggestive about the 'dancing' shadows and that music. I LOVE your shadow image which has the strands of your hair, the outline of your frame and beautiful curve of your breast with the prominent nipple. Just beautiful


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