Coming Together – more than a physical bond?

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I’m very interested in the space we occupy when we experience orgasm. I often write of a ‘breaking free’ of the physical self. When my ladies come they are usually flying around in the atmosphere tripping out – but it is utterly all encompassing. 

Here’s one of the favourite orgasms I wrote from The Dinner Guest in Chemical [se]X

“I am the eye of this storm and I embrace the stillness for as long as
I can before letting go. I come, I come, I come through the stars and
the moon and the earth and the flesh. And they come too, choking and
ramming me – pleasure and pain. I feel them twist in blissful agony
inside me, filling me from head to toe with their raw essence.”
I wonder where that place is? Where do we go when we’re in that state or on that plane of existence? If we fragment and break free of ourselves is it impossible to think that we may meet other energy in that place? Could we find a sexual/ spiritual connection on that orgasmic plane? Imagine, when you come simultaneously with your lover and your spirits break free, combining at that one blissful point, how incredible would that be. It’s a theme I explore over and over in my writing. I call it Ultimate Unity and the place we join is The Meeting Point. 
I thought I’d share a snippet from my book Taking Flight today – it’s all about a couple separated by distance but brought together by a spiritual unity they find when they orgasm… it all makes sense in the story – it really does.
Deborah and Marcus are on the run, surviving in the forest with an older couple. This couple tell them about Ultimite Unity and how if they master the art of coming together and meeting on that spiritual plane, they will be able to meet at the point of orgasm no matter how far apart they may be in the physical world. The young couple know they are in very real danger of being captured and separated so decide to cast aside their reservations and give it a go.
Here’s an excerpt where Deborah tries to put the theory of Ultimate Unity to the test.
was stirring as Deborah crawled in beside him and found a space
tucked up under his arm. It smelled so thickly of him that her mouth
watered once more, sending twitching bolts of excitement to her
was wet and sleepy and horny, the best state to be making love in,
and she tucked the chocolate safely at the side of the bed and let
her hand wander to her lover’s cock. Massaging his shaft in one
hand and toying with her own nipples in the other, Deborah wondered
whether she could take him inside her without waking him up. 
lifted herself up as silently as she could, sliding her skirt up over
her naked buttocks. He shuffled slightly as she straddled him, and
she paused, holding her breath, her heart beating furiously. Pain
built in her thighs as she crouched, waiting for him to sink back
into deep sleep. 
she was sure he was gone, she lifted the tip of his cock and placed
it at the entrance of her pussy. She was so wet now; she slicked his
head with her juices before he’d even touched her. It turned her on
to be so ripe and ready for him, taking control like this, when it
was usually him dominating her. 
pussy walls were contracting in desperation, and she grasped his
thick shaft and speared herself with it, swallowing him up entirely
until their pelvises met and she ground her clit onto his fuzzy
mound. Her hips undulated back and forth, pinning him and fucking him
with all her might. Love juice poured from her, soaking their pubic
hair and filling the shelter with their mingled scent. 
was glorious, and as the bucking and spasming of her pussy pulled her
awareness to that other place, Deborah forced her eyes open to try
and take Marcus with her this time. To her surprise, he was staring
at her, smiling, and she knew instantly that he’d been awake all
grabbed her bouncing tits and thumbed her nipples roughly as she
started to come from deep within. His gaze held hers as if trying to
keep her attention on him and not fly off. 
felt tethered. 
with me, Marcus
, she silently implored as her orgasm broke free
and surged through her body and out over him. As he held her, she was
amazed as part of herself tore off and rode the wave of her climax,
following it all the way down to meet his, where they roared
together, meeting at that point. 
stared into her eyes and she knew he was with her here and in that
other place. 
go, let go,
 she told him without words. I’ll be
there, waiting…
were absorbed by the light they created and stormed around in it,
coming again and again, around in and through each other. 
laughed and danced in him and he in her. 
made it. 
in the blissful afterglow, Deborah reached over to her secret stash. 
taste this,” she said huskily, pressing a shard of chocolate
between his lips. 
were both soaked with sweat and sex and Deborah felt utterly depleted
of energy. Of all the things in the world her body might need after
that, chocolate was it. Rich, thick, sublime. 
the sweat dried, drawing a chill to her flesh, the chocolate warmed
and replenished. She floated in and out of a dream, letting herself
fall and rise with Marcus’s breathing, and all the while chocolate
melted into her tongue. 
that was a wonderful way to be woken up,” said Marcus, lifting
himself onto his elbow and staring at Deborah. He lifted strands of
hair from her sticky, sweat-smeared face and kissed her. “You taste
too,” she said, licking a smudge of chocolate from the corner of
his mouth. 
that really just happen? Is that what it feels like?” 
bubbled in Deborah’s chest and she could only nod as her eyes
smarted with tears.
were one, Marcus,” she stuttered in broken whispers. “We were
cradled her back to the safety of his embrace and she could feel his
heart hammering in his chest. 
love you,” he whispered and pulled her tighter. 

that moment, Deborah felt complete… 

If it is le petite mort, are we gaining insight into the energy of the next existence too? Sound a bit loopy? 

I find it a fascinating topic and even if it isn’t true – it sure is fun to research!

From Pinterest and Malin James
oil by Serge Marshennikov

Have a wonderful day and let me know what you think x x x

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