The Pearl Necklace and the Motel Room

Here’s my Sinful Sunday today – it got a bit crushed as I painted on some soggy old cardboard I found… sorry ’bout that 😀

Tabitha Rayne - The Pearl Necklace and the Motel Room - painting

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Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “The Pearl Necklace and the Motel Room

  1. I love it all the more for the fact it was created on 'soggy old cardboard' it just seems to give it more life… or depth. Like it was just so needing to be created that any surface would do.


  2. Wow – thank you all SO much for your beautiful words – Molly was right, it was a case of, Oh My God I need to paint this NOW and I'll go mad if I don't find something to paint on! 😀 hence the soggy cardboard. I think it's got totally mangled now though 🙁
    Thanks again everyone x x x x and for taking the time to comment

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