Well hello there,

I’ve been inspired by Malin James’ post and Kink of the Week to let you in to the secret world of Tabitha…

I’m corset mad – really.

A 1980s C&A original!

I have a fairly androgynous shape I think – broad shoulders, rectangular body, flat bum – I’m not sure I felt masculine or feminine when I was younger. If you saw me from behind you might wonder if I was male or female. I often felt like a fraud in a skirt and pretty puffed sleeved top – really – these did NOT suit me. So when I was about fourteen I tried on my mother’s zip up corset top from C & A – suddenly I got it. I felt feminine. I felt pretty. And I also felt like Snow White when she got tied too tightly into a corset by the peddlar woman… the wicked stepmother! I LOVED that story – I think I read it a hundred times, poring over the beautiful pictures of Snow White swooning in ties, or golden combs or poisoned apples…

Anyway – back to the clothing! I inherited that very corset and here I am in it today…

Corsets are my one indulgence. I don’t go to the beauty parlour, or hairdresser, I still think of the shoes I bought three years ago as ‘my good new ones’.

I only wear steel boned now. I don’t have a custom made one like Malin’s but I hope to one day – though the bloomers were hand made especially for me by a friend of mine. There’s another kink – next time!

Here are some of my corsets

Green steel boned

Red sweetheart neckline

Black underbust –
this is my favourite corset of all

Little red underbust
This is a squeeze!
Pass the smelling salts 😀

Thanks to Malin for her wonderful post which truly describes how I feel about wearing corsets – please go and read it! Click Here

And remember to check out the other corset aficionados over at kink of the Week!

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