The Sinful Sunday prompt is the senses.

I have been having migraine aura this week so I’ve chosen vision. My world has slipped into the surreal and been quite disorientating – it all feels and looks a bit like this image.

I’ve been a little quiet this week and that’s why… 
Click on the lips for more senses…

Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “Aura

  1. I know that feeling of everything being a little hazy and out of focus… lack of sleep at the moment seems to be the cause of mine. Roll on the Easter holidays


    1. Yes! Thank you Jo – one of my friends also told me about this, then another mentioned that 'self-pleasure' was even more effective… 😀
      I'll let you guess what I choose… x x x

  2. Sorry you have a migraine, lovey, but you still look stunning! Hope you are feeling better today. Love the blurriness of the photo, a perfect illustration of what a migraine feels like.


  3. Wow – thank you – so many migraine sympathisers – which makes me a bit sad that you all experience it, but comforted by your words.
    I guess the writer in me finds it an interesting experience though…!
    x x x

  4. I get migraine auras too, and I detest them. My vision goes blurry, I get pins & needles up my neck & face, my arms get heavy, and the inability to focus on anything is unsettling.

    I do hope you don't get them often, and are feeling better now x

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