The Experiment

the experiment tabitha Rayne

*Update* F.Leonora chose this image as one of her five in the Sinful Sunday weekly round up!

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Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. This is beautiful, I found myself clicking on the image to enlarge it in an attempt to see the whole thing and then realizing that the centre line is almost creating an optical illusion that makes you feel like there is more to see if only you could get a little closer.


  2. This is so incredibly cool! At first I thought it was a mirror image, then, like everyone, I blew it up and realized it's not a mirror. The subtle differences (a strand of hair, the slight shift of rope) are just enough to keep you looking for more. I quite like the full length black bar, it adds a surreal element that is really intriguing. Beautiful work! I expect nothing less from an artist like you 🙂

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