Lashes for Tashes

I’m joining in Sinful Sunday again.
I was thinking about the time I realised I would grow up to be a woman. I had been a tomboy.

Lashes for Tashes

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Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Lashes for Tashes

  1. I love this shot, the tomboy is still there somewhere I think, bit like me maybe, it comes out to play now and then.

    Oh and the reasons for the above comments is, I suspect, that they have no friggin idea what a 'tash' is…. so for any Murrican's out there it is a moustache!


  2. Cool shot! As a guy who has long and particularly noticeable eyelashes, I remember being embarrassed by them when I was a boy. When I got reached adolescence I found I rather liked the attention. 🙂

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