Happy Hogmanay!

Wishing you all a very Happy Hogmanay and lots of joy in

For me, 2014 was the quickest year I have ever experienced!
This might have had a lot to do with how exciting it was. 

Some of my highlights: (Please hover over any names for links to books and sites)
Watching my Brit Babe friends, KD Grace and Kay Jaybee
being nominated for the ETO erotic writer of the year and helping KD Grace
celebrate when she won! Good times 😀

This might turn into a bit of a swim in lake me, but I feel
I ought to really do a little round up 😀

The release of the final two novels in my ClockworkButterfly erotic fantasy trilogy from Beachwalk Press. Huge love to the owner
Pamela Tyner (and team) who is utterly wonderful to work with.

Whilst I didn’t write a whole novel this year (which made
me a little cross) I did manage to get a few short stories out and happened to
work with some of the most awesome writers I’ve ever met including:
The Brit Babes: Emmy Ellis, Grace Marshall, K D Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse
We produced a hot collection Sexy Just Walked into Town
which you can download for free! Keep an eye out for a secret new project!

The 13 (dirty baker’s dozen) involved in bringing the sexy
chocolatey anthology Chemical se[X]  to life! Big mention
and throbbing hard love to Oleander Plume for that! Here are the others who
have also been fab to work with:
My story, made it into Written on the Skin  – an anthology
exploring the erotic and body modification edited by Remittance Girl .
came out a bit too this year, casting aside my visual anonymity with an
interview and photo in the EAN magazine! Yikes 😀 
block has had me grimacing this year so I have had to find other ways to use up
the creative energy including videos

and paintings.

took part in Exhibit A’s Sinful Stories and because of the block, made a little
film for that. It is part of Molly Moore’s amazing Sinful Sunday project  – check
it out – I’m hoping to get braver this year and join in more – it’s a fabulous
visual treat every Sunday.

finally, I’ve been working on an invention to enhance certain experiences but
it’s top secret so I’m hoping to share more about that this year. Shhhhh…

been lucky enough to meet some incredibly awesome people this year, thanks to
the internet, ETOErofame, and Eroticon where I met loads of people mentioned already and the fantastic Vida Bailey. The world of
Erotica is a friendly place indeed.

had a lovely visit from Jaye Shields who came to stay in my wee Scottish part
of the world – she’s such a cool well travelled woman and now has been
initiated into the Irn Bru culture 😉
that’s all my news over (I’ve probably missed out LOADS of stuff so my
devastated apologies if you or your event wasn’t mentioned) – what’s been the
highlight of your year? Leave me a comment and I’ll put them in a draw send an
ebook to the winner 😀
more you smile, the more people smile back! (And if you have an erotic book in
your clutches, your smile will be broad indeed!)

Lots of love, Tabitha!! Cheers 😀

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