Penis Envy

Oh lord, here goes.
After many weeks of the bad block, I finally managed to put down a few words… so a big thank you goes to Exhibit A who is running this super duper sexy writing competition Sinful Stories and to Molly Moore who let me use her incredible photo xxx-Caliber as inspiration.
Be sure to go read the other entries and take a look at the Sinful Sunday photo prompts… some are just stunning!

Thanks for stopping by…
Some of my friends might recognise an additional source of inspiration so I must mention the TV show Hannibal for one of the lines (though I tweaked it)…
x x x

11 thoughts on “Penis Envy

  1. 'Tabitha Envy' describes my condition after viewing this piece of art. I am jealous of the many skills that combined to create it, not least the word-choice.

    I had to purchase a book. Now if I can just relocate my Kindle to receive it…

    1. Thank you. You have made my day, so generous with your words. And thank you for buying a book! (Of course, now you realise I'm all nervous about that…) hope you enjoy x x I've just been to read your epic poem – wow-oh-wow so powerful – anyone reading click on through!

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