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Well ladies and gents, if you have been visiting me over the past fortnight you will already know that this is the Butterfly Party – to celebrate a year of my erotic novel A Clockwork Butterfly. There’s been sexy guests, a Goodreads giveaway and 50% off ebook (checkout code ButterflyParty). I hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with me and my saucy buddies. Do keep an eye out for the sequel of my book which is due to be launched in August called – Taking Flight. 
But let’s return to the here and now for the house lights are dimming, the curtain is rising, a hush descends as the spotlight strikes my final guest… the gorgeously seductive, Ms Natalie Dae – welcome…
“It’s my
party and I’ll write if I want to!”
I’m not
a party girl, so if I had the perfect party organised for me I’d choose to be
set up in a room with no interruptions and write all day and night, dozing when
I had the need then waking up to start writing again. I love the idea of writer
retreats, where there’s nothing to do except write, but I’m afraid I’d miss my family
too much to ever go on one of those. The idea of doing nothing but writing for
a week is a nice one, and I reserve two weeks a year where I take time off from
my day job and do just that. It’s heaven to live and breathe a book like that.
remember, before I worked full-time, when I wrote what were the original short
stories that later became Shadow and
. They were chapter-length shorts that revolved around the working
day of a Domme. Each short explored what she did with one of her clients. There
were ten in all, five about Mistress Shadow, five about Mistress Darkness, and
later on I added their personal lives in between their working chapters and
produced a novel. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt. Enjoy!
women, both working in a BDSM dungeon, both servicing clients to earn a living,
both hoping for true love in the arms of men they’ve only ever dreamed about.
Meadows, Mistress Shadow by day, longs for the love she feels for her client, a
man she’s dubbed Beautiful Luke, to be returned. As she goes through her week
at work entertaining all the men on her list and giving them what they want,
she spends her nights on a mission to make Luke fall in love with her.
contrast between her daily life and her evenings is stark, but she’s determined
to have the sexy-as-sin man in her bed permanently and not just on the bed in
her dungeon. Will she get what her heart aches for, or will Luke, a
self-confessed brawler and user of women, find it difficult to stick to just
one woman?
Woods, Mistress Darkness by day, is a nymphomaniac. She took a job in a BDSM
dungeon as the only way she could think of to sate her huge sexual appetite.
Madam allows her to give “extras”, and Klara is happy with the arrangement
until she goes out one Monday evening in search of a man to fulfil her needs
and meets one who wants so much more than just sex. They agree they won’t have
sex until Friday, but it proves difficult for Klara. Every time they meet she
can’t resist doing something sexual with him, and the wait until Friday becomes

with the knowledge she may have found the only man who can service her needs
full-time, Klara has to decide whether, if they make a go of their
relationship, she can leave the dungeon and all her clients behind. Is her love
for Ben strong enough for her to become a one-man woman? Is Ben’s stamina
enough to keep Klara sated 24-7? Friday night will be the ultimate test…
attire—expensive denims, brand name polo shirt, polished leather loafers—suggests
he is wealthy, but one can’t always be sure from appearances. His voice,
cultured, brings upper class to mind…though, again, it is foolhardy of me to
assume. So often it makes an ass out of you and me.
Luke Johnson
Arrogant upon arrival, which lingers at the beginning of the session,
submissive thereafter, embarrassed upon leaving. Non-violent. Unmarried.
dungeon, one of many housed in this remodelled warehouse in London’s belly,
witnesses what some may say are atrocities. This black-painted room allows
release of men’s wants—wants they wouldn’t otherwise have assuaged. It seems
wives don’t understand, and these men…they are, for the most part, ashamed of
their desires. Society—cruel society—deems their fantasies absurd, twisted, and
I do
stairs outside my dungeon creak, and I wonder, not for the first time today, if
it’s Luke’s tread. Beautiful Luke, who garners more than a second glance from
the ladies.
From me.
On more
than one occasion I’ve imagined Luke entering a bar. All heads—male and
female—look his way. Women swoon at the thought of belonging to him. Men
harbour secret wishes that they were
I would
say Luke is well aware of the attention he commands. He enters my room once a
week, always on a Monday, and the air he brings with him holds a charge. A
tangible aura. I’d made a bargain with myself to keep business and pleasure
separate. If I hadn’t, I’d fuck him. He’s one of the few clients that makes me hot…wet.
One of those clients I’d break my own rule for.
set of creaks, heavier than the last, indicate the blond Adonis with a penchant
for bastinado has arrived. Why he loves his feet caned I don’t know, and I
would never bring myself to ask. It isn’t any of my business, although the
question still burns my tongue every time I see him.
inhale, release the breath with slow deliberation, and straighten my shoulders.
Upon entrance, he’ll see a black-haired woman, kohl-lined eyes steely, no-nonsense,
red lips full and soft. My outfit, the one Luke prefers, resembles that of
Catwoman, minus the ears. He loves the clothing, said once that he imagines the
feel of it—rubbery and tacky on his hands—that stroking it while I cane him
would make him come faster. I had bitten back a gentle laugh at that. He comes
fast enough as it is.
knocks on the door, and I wonder what he’s been up to this weekend just past.
Last Monday he’d reported his involvement in a bar brawl. The other week he’d
said he’d found himself in an altercation with some man in the gym. One never
has any idea of his transgressions until the session begins.
I say.
wait. Luke always takes a moment to turn the handle and allow himself entrance
into my domain. I suspect he fights with himself as to whether he should come
in. Or whether he should turn away—leave the premises, never to return. I would
guess his predilection gives him sleepless nights. On the one hand he can’t
help what he desires, yet on the other… Maybe he thinks people would ridicule
him if he let the secret out, perhaps say he was strange, off the wall. For a
man like Luke, being cast out of his manly circles, scorned for his
needs…well, it would crush him. He’s the ultimate alpha, and alphas, at least
the ones I’ve met, don’t like slights of any kind.
handle rattles, the keeper releases, and the door swings open. And there stands
Beautiful Luke, his six-foot-six frame silhouetted by the stark hallway
lighting. Blond hair, just long enough to touch his shoulders—wispy waves that
call out for me to run my fingers through them, to bury my nose in their
softness. Broad shoulders—so broad he almost fills the frame. A muscled chest
that a woman could well imagine beneath that white T-shirt of his, one I have
seen on many occasion. His nose is skewed—definitely having been broken at some
point—and I like that about him. He looks rough around the edges, more than
ready for a little…force in the bedroom. The thought of him switching and
being the Dom whispers through my mind, and I know he’s the only man I’ve met
so far who I’d reverse roles for. To be splayed beneath him, accept everything
he dishes out, looking into those blue eyes…
morning, Luke.” Thankfully, my voice is steady, doesn’t belie the tremor racing
through me just at the sight of him. I can smell him, all tangy aftershave and
fresh sweat. I want that sweat on me. I want that scent so close I can’t
He steps
inside and closes the door, his unblemished hand with its square-ended fingers
flat against the wood. He didn’t fight this weekend, then. As usual, he ignores
me, slaps his payment on the small wooden table beside the door, and stalks
past, heading for the changing room at the back. Inside, he turns to snap the
red curtain across for privacy, and his gaze meets mine, a hint of disgust in
those heavenly irises. He holds me in contempt, I know. However, I don’t
care—much. He arrives, he pays, he gains what he seeks, and leaves.
me longing for next Monday.
I play a
game every time he arrives. Will he preserve his arrogance upon leaving the
changing room this week? Will he ignore the myriad instruments hanging on the
walls instead of emerging to hang his head and take in the tools one by one
from beneath lowered lashes? To check if anything new has gained a place on one
of the hooks? I’m amused as to why he bothers. His only interest so far has
been the riding crop.
Shadow and Darkness is
available in print and ebook from Total-E-Bound,
and many other online stores.
Dae writes in several pen names (Geraldine O’Hara, Sarah Masters, Harlem Dae,
Charley Oweson) and lives in an English village on the outskirts of Oxford. She
has made a television appearance on a Swedish arts show, hit Channel 4 news,
CNN, and a line of books she has written for have been mentioned on The Russell
Howard Show, Jimmy Kimmel, This Morning, GMTV, The Wright Stuff and Lorraine
Kelly. She’s been featured in several magazines, including Marie Claire, and
has appeared in national newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Mail and The
Express. Every appearance and mention frightened her silly, so whenever
possible she prefers to stay under the radar and hide at home, running the art
department for Total-E-Bound Publishing or writing.

uses her personal page on Facebook for all her names. You can find her HERE
as Emmy Ellis. Feel free to follow!
Thank you so much Natalie/ Emmy 😉 
Well I’ve had a blast at my party – tomorrow will be my last day… sob… I hope you will come along – I’ll be sharing some snippets and of course those giveaways and sales will also come to an end…
But for now – fill your glass for the night is still young!
Remember to click on the links for the Goodreads giveaway and the eBook sale(checkout code
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