A real live mermaid

Esther Williams - portrait.jpg
from Wikipedia

I was chatting to an elderly relative about film stars we love and we agreed Esther Williams is our favourite. Sadly Esther died last week – the day after I had the conversation with my great aunt. She was and is such an inspiration to me and probably every other person who ever watched her swim on the silver screen.

I wanted to share some of the most delicious underwater loveliness ever with you. I have no idea if I’m infringing anything here but if I am, I will be a good girl and take it down. In the meantime – take a look a this… sending love to Esther.

I wished for two things when I was a girl
1 – to be able to fly
2 – to turn into a mermaid when I went swimming

Of course both my dreams came true and I can not only fly with my very own real white feather wings (which only appear when I jump off high things) – I can also swim to the bottom of the ocean with my pearly green/gold/pink tail (which only a appears when I’m in water).
What a gift to watch a film and feel so inspired! x x

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