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I thought I’d share a steamy scene from my very first Beachwalk title, Mia’s Books – a paranormal sexy romance, to hopefully whet your erotic appetite.
This is when insomniac Mia has her first encounter with a saucy entity as she hides after hours in a library…
A few interesting titles had caught her eye earlier, but she
had been so intent on her online affair she hadn’t paid them much attention.
She made her way to the adult corner and chose an anthology at random. It
looked brand new and didn’t have any stamps on the lending sheet.
Mia cast the flashlight around to find one of the couches
that adorned the big room. As the light caught the end of the sofa, Mia thought
she saw a shadow flit around behind it.
“Hello?” Her voice quivered, and a chill ran down her neck.
She thought she heard an intake of breath and flung herself around the shelf, sweeping
the flashlight back and forth over the books. Nothing. As a non-sleeper she was
used to prowling the night alone, but she was most definitely not immune to
freaking herself out.
She shrugged and took a seat on the cool, hard leather of
the couch. She was cocooned in darkness, and it made her feel a little more
comfortable. Taking off her sweater, she placed it at the small of her back,
and stretched out her legs down the length of the sofa. As she took a deep
breath and got ready to read, the same chill ran through her, over her chest
this time, and Mia was amazed to feel her nipples stiffen under her blouse. She
aimed the beam at her chest and sure enough, there they were standing proud and
erect like frozen little buds. She reached up to one and rubbed it between her
fingers. It really was cold. It was the oddest sensation, but one she was keen
to explore further.
Holding the flashlight in her mouth, she untucked her top
from her waistband and slid her hand up onto her bare breast. She opened the
book with her other hand while softly massaging her nipple around and around.
The story began, setting up the characters and plot, but Mia
skipped on until she found the words she was looking for: pussy, cock. She felt a
flush deep between her legs as the sensation in her nipples intensified to both
breasts now. The stimulation from her fingertips was being mirrored onto the
other. The icy touch in her left breast was magnifying, as if it was being
massaged by another person. She maneuvered the flashlight between her teeth to
see the fabric of her shirt being pulled and puckered in time with the sensations.
She shrieked, dropping the book and flashlight, and scrambled onto the floor.
“What the fuck was that?” Her voice was breathless and
trembling. “Where are you?”
She was met with deathly silence, and she gulped in air to
keep up with her heartbeat.
Warmth reclaimed her nipples, and her breathing slowed. She
picked up the flashlight and swung it around, knowing that she wouldn’t see
anything. Don’t be ridiculous, she
kept telling herself over and over again. Shaking with both fear and arousal, she
took her place on the sofa. She put the flashlight back in her mouth and picked
up the book. As she brought it up to lean on her thighs, she realized it felt
different. Her fingertips detected leathery raised text on the cover where
before the book had been smooth and pristine. She leafed the edge of the pages
to feel them soft and worn, and inhaled the musty scent of an ancient tome. Mia
was trembling when she finally shone the light on the title.
Ghost Lover.
The beautifully embossed gold font was bordered by strange
dark symbols and patterns. Mia was still shaking as she opened the first page.
It was blank, but as she looked more closely a smudge of black ink began to
form and take the shape of beautifully handwritten words on the page.
My gift to you, Mia
it spelled out in stunning calligraphy.
Mia didn’t know what to do. Run? Scream? Enjoy? She’d read
about paranormal romance but never actually believed it could happen.
Concluding that she had hatched this plan to read erotica
and get some relief from her nocturnal craving, she decided to relax and take
this gift. After all, she could be dreaming, and that would be a dream come
true in itself.
“Okay,” she whispered through the shaft of the flashlight
and leaned back into the sofa, bringing her knees up to hold the book. She
parted her legs just the teensiest bit, and a wisp of icy air caught the hem of
her skirt and burrowed into her panties. She gasped. “My God, you see
She opened the book once more and found that she was reading
her own story through the eyes of the being that surrounded her.
Once, there was a
stranger who came to this place with a need. She yearned so badly to be touched
that I was tempted by her and broke the vow. Her bosom heaved, and I had to
Mia couldn’t focus on the words as the chill had returned
and was slowly tugging her blouse free from her skirt. One by one the buttons
began to twist and open to reveal her body shining in the torchlight, every
tiny hair standing in the wake of the ethereal touch. As the cold reached the
last button at her chest the entity roughly ripped it apart, and the book fell
to the ground.
Mia’s legs were forced open by the presence who lay on top
of her. There was no weight, just presence. Mia, still holding the flashlight
in her mouth, saw the indents in her flesh and skirt where the ghost lay. Her
skirt began to slide up her thighs and over her buttocks. The conflict of heat
and damp in her panties and the icy breeze of the ghost made her crush her
pussy walls together with desire.
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