Three’s A Crowd with Ella Jade

It’s my pleasure to have Ella Jade here today telling us about her new erotic tale,
A Crowd 

Three’s A Crowd is a highly erotic,
short tale about a fun, sexy, contemporary couple. If I’m a “new to you
author”, this novella is a great way to get to know me. The book is an
Amazon exclusive published through Ruby Lioness Press. It’s a quick, steamy
read priced at $0.99 and free to Prime Members. It is a perfect pool or beach
Connor Hughes is
a lucky man. Janine and Sierra, the two sexy women who live downstairs from him
have invited him to watch their intimate time in the bedroom. Connor is a
willing spectator, but can’t believe it when Janine asks him to join in on the
fun. Connor is drawn to Sierra in ways he’d never imagined. There is something
very familiar about the dark-haired beauty that has him wondering why she calls
to him.

When fantasy mixes with reality, Connor gives into temptation in more ways than
one. Will he figure out who Sierra is to him? Can the feeling last all night?

Excerpt (Adult Content)

“Wake up,
This has been one
fucked up ride.
He opened his eyes
to find Sierra straddling him. He blinked a few times, trying to focus and get
his bearings. They were in their bedroom. He must have missed the alarm. The
sunlight streamed in through the blinds and he could smell the coffee brewing
from the kitchen.
“Time to wake
up, sleepyhead.”
She was naked and
stroking him. His favorite way to wake up.
“Baby, you were
having some dream.” She giggled. “I didn’t even do anything to you yet and
you’re rock hard.”

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