Rain can be good – honestly…

Well summer, especially where I am (UK) has been abysmal. But at least I’ve had my naughty books to snuggle up with. Even as I type, rain is battering down on the roof.

I have just finished a novel and am looking for a home for it – trouble is, it is only mildly romantic… booo, Tabitha no! However, as a writer, I have to go where the muse takes me and on very rare occasions, it takes me out of the heat and into a very different story. So my question is – if it were ever to be published (cross fingers here) should I write under a different name? Those who are familiar with my scribblings know I like it hot – would you be disappointed if there was none of the naughty?

Anyway, for now I don’t need to worry – I have another book crying to get out and I assure you dear readers, there’s plenty of heat in this one to make up for it… Phew, just thinking about it – maybe a dash out into the rain for a cold shower might be a good thing after all… x

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